Classy Cookers offers all types of Range Cookers for sale, many of them direct from their previous private owners. If you have a range cooker for sale then let us sell it for you.

Our brokerage service offers a far more financially viable alternative than selling it to a dealer or trader who will simply retail it themselves and pocket the profit.

Offering your Range Cooker for sale through Classy Cookers means that you will receive more then if you sold it direct to a trader, dealer or reconditioning company because we RETAIL the cooker for you to private customers just like you. In our experience our customers receive up to TWICE as much in comparison with selling it to a dealer.

We can also assist you and potential buyers of your range cooker with professional dismantling and transportation solutions as well as details of fully qualified and professional installation engineers (depending on location).

Don’t give your treasured range cooker away to a dealer or trader – enjoy their profit and realise the true value of your range cooker by selling it though Classy Cookers.

For more details on selling your range cooker though our brokerage service – please contact us using the link above.